Urie's Eidolon


Physical Stats

Size: Large
Stature: Quadruped
Coloration: His mane and barb are both jet black, along with the bony appendages on his wings. His skin ranges from reddish to magenta.



Type: Outsider
Alignment: Neutral Good (shared with Summoner)
Sanctioned: Creature is currently sanctioned by the Church under the control of Brother Urie. Combat capable.

Current Evolutions

Points: 14

Claws (Free)
Limbs [Legs] x2 (Free)
Flight (2 pt)
Mount (1 pt)
Rend (2 pt)
Tail (1 pt)
Sting (1 pt)
Bite (1 pt)
Large (4 pt)
Magic Attacks (1 pt)
Pounce (1 pt)


The manticore came to Urie when he was young and calling out to the Aether officially for the first time. He came in with a deafening, bellowing roar, screaming at the young boy outside of the summoning circle. He stalked the circle, sizing the little thing up. What the eidolon didn’t expect was the ferocity the boy was displaying back at the monstrous creature. The two had a battle of wills that lasted for hours. The wild creature would rail against his confinements, trying to tear down the barrier between them, but the boy managed to keep his focus, determined to wrangle this creature before him. His fur bristled with anticipation as the boy called out a name. His name. Atrocitus.

Soon after that, their minds merged. Urie was almost overwhelmed by the wild ferociousness and lack of inhibitions that was the manticore’s mind. What felt like years was only moments. It was as if this creature had always been there and this mortal was always his. Their bond formed, solidified for the ages. They were each others companion. They knew each others thought processes and motivations with greater depth than any prior connection. Following the ceremony, the boy collapsed with exhaustion, barely conscious. There was a man, dressed for battle that surged forward despite the protests of Father Ignatius. Before the armor clad Brother Darian could reach the boy, Atrocitus raged at the man, pushing him back away, deeming that man as a threat to the boy’s well-being. Battle almost broke out before the older man intervened, ordering the other to leave. Within a few moments, the boy regained himself temporarily, thanking his new friend and dismissing him back to his home plane.

Ever since, Atrocitus has followed Urie faithfully and readily whether it was on the battlefield or in the church, determined to grow stronger by his friend’s side.


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