Adopted Arcanist


Leon stands five foot and eight inches tall with hair normally kept short. He generally appears to have well kept clothing and well groomed regardless of the conditions he currently in due to the help of his magic and the fact that his garments are often cloaked in an illusion to appear as something else.

His clothing without the guise of magic appears to made of silk from the east embroidered with black gem stones that glisten with the tiniest of light like small stars. The gem work on his clothing is far from simple on a closer inspection. To a trained eye they are expertly crafted to glisten though they are of simple common stones. On his left arm a expertly crafted mytherial buckler is strapped to his arm if he expected confrontations are going to new areas though even this is hidden by magic.

He has black hair and pale green eyes that often seem distant never really focusing on the person he is talking too. His time with other cultures show on his skin. His ear is pierced on the top left along with a simple piercing in each. Though he often takes the time put on a blander illusion if the situation calls for it.

He is sometimes seen with tattoos embedded in his skin but he often has these concealed under clothing. To the family it is obvious that these tattoos are altered by magic at times or seem to change for one reason or another but there are some that are constant arcane symbols on his body. Once it was asked about by the heir and he told him they are magics from other cultures but didn’t speak much about them.

To those who are aware of the magical world his magic seems foreign and almost wrong to to both magics of blood and intellect. Watch closely and sometimes he can be seen altering the laws of magic in ways that shouldn’t be and even call on healing powers that are generally only given by those that call upon divine beings.


The matron of the family knows more of his history then the other members. They may have heard rumors of his deeds assisting a small village by the mountains from goblin raiders and eventually helping form trade agreements between one of the tribal leaders and the village.

He goes by a new name that he was given when he was adopted by the family after acting as a witness to the mapping and claiming of mines that had lead the family to wealth. Quickly after his adoption he left for about a month and then returned on a personal errand were it is rumored he was speaking with tribal leader in the mountains though to what benefit no one seems.

He came into the family with little magic that aided in combat and fighting but using his skills he had quickly gained access to various spell books, scrolls and deals with others in exchange for spells that were better suited for combat.


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