Urie Jie

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Physical Stats

Age: 22
Height: 5’7"
Weight: 140 lbs
Race: Half-Elf

Urie would classically be described as handsome, sporting the strong facial features of his father, but the warm, honey-brown eyes of his mother. As a child, he appeared to be frail, but he has since developed some muscle to his form, but it would only be seen as lean, at best. Although, he’s not terribly tall, he does command a noticeable presence to him (even more so if Atrocitus happens to be out and about). He’s almost always seen wearing some kind of Church related garb, although the color may vary depending on the purpose of his work that day.

Example of clothing:

(Note: Black is normally seen when he is to be sent into battle, whether that is physical or spiritual. White is usually day-to-day or when he has a sermon. But it is usually some variation of this outfit.)

Current Spell List:
0-Level Spells
1. Detect Magic
2. Read Magic
3. Acid Splash
4. Light
5. Mending
6. Message

1st-Level Spells
1. Rejuvenate Eidolon, Lesser
2. Shield
3. Unfetter
4. Protection From Evil
5. Ray of Sickening

2nd-Level Spells
1. Summon Eidolon
2. Bull’s Strength
3. Bear’s Endurance
4. Force Anchor

3rd-Level Spells
1. Rejuvenate Eidolon
2. Restore Eidolon
3. Black Tentacles


One would expect Urie to grow up in a privileged lifestyle, given the nobility of his house. But, fate had other plans for the boy, even at a young age. Before fate whisked him away, he had a lovely childhood for the most part. He spent a lot of time around his cousins, especially Andras. The two were as thick as thieves, causing little bits of mischief here and there, mostly focusing fire around Andras’s sister. Whereas she would scorn Urie for being frail and physically weak, Andras would stick up for his cousin, knowing Urie had strengths lied elsewhere. In a way, Urie felt a brotherly love with Andras.

Urie was born to Adrian Jie and his wife Alexandra. Adrian was a very capable Magus, like most of the line whereas Alexandra was an Oracle for Nature, believing in the beauty and magnificence of life. Magic flowed through the young boy’s veins, that was for sure. However, Adrian feared that young Urie would be incapable of becoming the Magus he so hoped he would become. Alexandra, on the other hand, embraced her son and the potential for his gifts wholeheartedly. She knew that, one day, his name and deeds would bring great honor to their house. From a young age, she taught Urie to love and respect all life as it was all part of the grand design. She would even teach him some of her Hellenistic and eleven traditions.

Life seemed to be smooth sailing until the dreams came. Urie would wake in the middle of the night, sweating, adrenaline coursing through his veins. He felt terrified … and excited. His dreams took him to far off places, to worlds with such stunning natural beauty with creatures great and terrible. However, as the dreams went on, they became more intense, more real. Eventually, the young half-elf would wake, screaming. The words that came out of his mouth, though, were not words spoken normally by mortals. Alexandra quickly realized that her son was contacting the Outer Planes in his sleep, which presented a danger to him and everyone else.

Finally recognizing the arcane potential their son possessed, Urie’s parents contacted the Church. Urie had the potential to become a Summoner, an arcane practitioner adept at calling out to other planes of existence to pull something into our plane of reality. For obvious reasons, the Church naturally feared what this could represent unchecked. A child with his gifts could unwittingly pull through a demon or a devil most foul. The Church made haste to interview the boy.

A priest by the name of Father Ignatius came alone to their country estate. He was a pleasant and unassuming man, slight of frame, a warm smile accompanied by a hearty laugh. And fiery blue eyes. It may not have been initially obvious to young Urie, but to his parents, it was far more apparent. The priest, as gentle and kind as he may seem, was a well equipped ferocious man capable of battle.

Ignatius took the boy around the grounds, engaging him in seemingly idle conversation. In reality, Father Ignatius was questioning the young boy’s beliefs and scanning him for any trace of evil. The two spent hours discussing and even deliberating the nature of the multiverse and the purposes of the beings that existed. Although crude, much of what the young boy spoke of resonated with the priest. It was then that he decided to reveal himself as a Summoner as well as to explain that he would like Urie to join him and the Church. Urie marveled at the elegant and powerful beast brought in front of him. It was certainly a dragon, certainly large, beautiful, and serene. It’s scales were an almost radiant white with flecks of gold and its eyes were almost identical to the priest’s fierce blue eyes.

Urie wanted nothing more than to discover the depths of his own potential and to use these magnificent skills to better serve the world he desperately wished to make. A world of peace and love, under the embrace of the savior, Jesus Christ, and his father, the Almighty. By his delegation to the Church, the Jie line curried some favor from the Church. Even so, Adrian still did not seem entirely pleased with his son. Although he did love his son, he neglected to truly show it as mild disappointment was the emotion much more easily displayed.

When Urie was in the Church, he would send letters home, only to get responses from his mother who was ever proud of her boy. The youth could feel the distance growing between him and his father. He so desperately wanted to be accepted as strong and honorable by his father. Unfortunately, he would never truly know. Before he would ever have the chance to prove himself, he received news of his father’s glorious demise on the battlefield, taking many Persians with him into death’s embrace. Feeling cheated, Urie began to slip into despair. His teachings of the Holy text did not bring him solace, only more questions.

One night, he decided he would sneak into a prohibited section of the Church to research less savory ways he could use his power to accomplish his goals. He found several texts allowing him to call forth to his father’s soul. He did not know the origin or cost of these rituals or he never would have thought of using the methods before him. Back outside, he began drawing an extremely elaborate circle that he could use to possibly rectify the situation. Before he could complete the construction of the ritual, he was approached by a man cloaked in black robes. Urie could feel something wasn’t quite right but the man was offering to help bring back his father. He would have to invoke a being named Belial. The man disappeared into the shadows to let him ponder this quandary. He recognized the name, though, in his readings.

Urie recognized the name was that of an Archdevil, one of deception and desire. He knew this being had awful power, but also knew that he was the Prince of Lies. However, he was compelled to complete the ritual and invoke the devil onto his plane. Before he could complete the rite, he stopped. He could swear he heard the roaring of a beast ring in his ear, disorienting him. It was enough to stop him, enough to get him to reclaim his mind. He tarnished the edges of the circle, releasing the energy. The energy backlashed in a sickly green fire, launching the young man backwards, almost knocking him unconscious. Still reeling from the blast, another figure approached the clearing. He recognized this man, he was an Inquisitor who had always seemed to look at the young Summoner with contempt, Brother Darian.

Brother Darian started an investigation against Urie, inciting him as a Devil Summoner before the Church. Had it not been for Father Ignatius speaking on his behalf and the boy’s ardent plea to allow him to make right his mistakes, he surely would have died that day. He decided he could feel shame for what happened, but he chose not to. He would use that same power that almost summoned a devil to banish them if they could not be turned for God’s purpose. A fire reignited in his heart.

It came time for him to claim his own Eidolon, that outsider that would help carry him to his goals. He prepared a circle, calling out in the language he spoke from his dreams: Terran. He poured that fire in his soul into the ritual: the anger, the passion, the desire. As he spoke, his circle glowed with a deep red, as an acidic, bubbling substance flooded the circle. He could feel it. The beast that has been there all along from the flights in his dream all the way up into the roar that pulled him back from the brink. This being is something he has always known and it has always known him.

Bursting forth from the fiery liquid within the circle was a monstrous beast of mythical proportions. It roared and bellowed with such rage that it made several onlookers quake and quiver. The being railed against the circle aiming itself at Urie, it’s tail lashing furiously. This was a fitting being, the young Summoner thought. The two were locked in a battle of wills, both raging furiously against the other. It felt like an eternity, but eventually the beast conceded after hearing his name called out by the boy, “Atrocitus”.

Following the rite, Urie had blacked out and did not wake for several days. However, he could now feel the manticore’s soul merged with his. In a way, they were soul mates now. Ignatius beamed at the young man, proud of his accomplishments. Brother Darian had again tried to convince the Church that Urie represented far more of a threat than an asset to the Church, believing one day he would turn against them. This time, there would be no trial for the Church had begun believing in the once frail boy that now wielded great power and chose to walk with God. This inspired great resentment in the Inquisitor.

As he grew in strength and popularity, he did more work for the Church. In some sections, he was a favorite priest to deliver sermons, in others, he became known as a fierce warrior for God. During one battle, Andras and Urie met again on the same side. It was then that the two of them have found the culmination of their time apart. Urie unleashed his beast onto the battlefield and discovered that Andras had his own unique trait, the Black Blade. From then, the two have resumed their contact and friendship, running missions for both their House and the Church, along with other family members and compatriots.

The Kitsune that he met, the consort of Andras, he has had some intriguing conversations with. He does not necessarily approve of their arrangement, but deeply respects her beliefs and powers. To him, she is in service of another aspect of the Divine.

His younger cousin turned out to be a Rogue. Although, Urie isn’t entirely supportive of his methods (all the time), he does not entirely disapprove either. As long as he uses them for the causes of good and not to harm the innocent, he will accept the usefulness of his skills.

Leon, the elf Arcanist, was adopted into his family under the Matron’s bequest. He doesn’t know why, but he is sure it is because Leon represents some intrinsic use to the house, however, he is happy to have another family member that he can trust and share in knowledge. The two have had multiple discourses into the nature of planes, creatures, and arcana.

The saint that Urie follows perhaps most is St. Sebastian. Secondarily, he follows St. Ambrose.

Urie Jie

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